About Me

Photography is my personal way to stand side by side with living beings on struggle

I felt in love with photography when I was a kid, I had a canon underwater film camera that my father let me use (because it was very tough) and I was used to walk around the neighborhood shooting cats… sooo many meters of wasted films! Sometimes I was allowed to use a 1969 Pentax Spotmatic, when I was a teenager I already knew how to use the shutter, the manual focus, the exposition…
With my first job I buy a Nikon D70 and I started taking pictures at punk hardcore shows. In 2005 I create my first DiY exposition, A Year On Stage, a hardcore pictures collection. My following camera was a Nikon D200, I started to give my contribution to animal rights investigations in 2010. In some years I switched to a Nikon D750 and found some paid assignments.
In then last years I worked with many Animal Rights Organizations (Essere Animali, Animal Equality, Aussie Farms, Melbourne Chicken Save, We Animals Media, Equalia, Sea Shepherd Global) and I still enjoy punk hardcore live photography!
I published with the phiosopher Benedetta Piazzesi “Un Incontro Mancato” (Mimesis 2017), an essay about animal rights reportages.
I also have some pictures published on Hidden – Animals in the Antropocene (We Animals Media 2019), a collection of 40 animal rights photographers from all around the world.
My punk-hardcore pictures are published on many LPs, CDs, Flyers, Blogs and DiY Fanzines.

“One can feel obliged to look at phototgraphs that record great cruelties and crimes. One should feel obliged to think about what it means to look at them, about the capacity actually to assimilate what they show.”

Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others



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